Monday, August 15, 2005

Stockholm's Battered Wife

A beaten wife if a loyal wife.

It's a sickening statement isn't it? Partly because its true. You all know the story... the wife routinely gets the hell beat out of her... but come that ol' boy's day in court... she's right there beggin' the judge to let him go home and beat her some more.

Welcome to the creepy dark side of the human psyche.

We love those who abuse us, and the more they kick us, the more we long for their approval.

Hostages... abused by their kidnappers... tormented... suddenly find themselves sympathizing with their own abusers.

SEAL recruits... physically abused and tormented endlessly at buds... idolize their instuctors.

If it hasn't occured to you, that this plays a huge part in the creation of liberals... then I submit that it should now. But don't think for a second that Republicans are immune. Think about it... every time a member of the Legacy Media gives even the slightest hint of praise to the G.O.P. they leap out of their skin with joy. Why? Because.. when someone is percieved as an abuser, and they compliment you, the compliment is taken to really mean something. "Person X hates my guts... but look what he said!"

They claim to hate the press, but they beg for its approval every chance they get.

But its not just politics... you can see this in your neighbors... the ones who cling to housing associations and their assinine rules... the ones who threaten to call the authorities at every oportunity... These are the beaten down... the dogs... the ones with no pride left. The ones who only exist to lick the boots of their masters.

These are the minorities.. who time and again go vote for the democrats... while the democrats kick them in the teeth over and over...

These are the conservatives... who time and again vote for the republicans.... only to have their teeth kicked in... over and over.

Ya know... The Most Important Election of All Time is about to ramp up. How about this time... ya save some money on the dental work... and sit this one out.

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