Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Gay Cowboys

Ya know Res... I ain't never seen no movie about gay Texas cowboys. Aparently its only Wyoming where they have queer cowboys... and they must have a lot of them... because they made a movie about 'em.

Its a good thing Chris LeDoux didn't live to see this.

And now I read that the international queer population has become fascinated with Wyoming because of the movie, and the state will probably see a tremendous increase in gay tourism.

Great. Just f'ing great.

What are these people thinking? You have a year when people are staying away from theatres in droves... and you push crap like this? I mean... could there be a more repugant subject for the 18 to 25 year old male demographic???? Which by the way is the single most important demographic there is when it comes to movie going???

I haven't seen a movie since Episode III and I doubt I will... though I confess I really wanted to see Doom.

Come on... Its the Rock man. The Rock kicks ass.


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