Thursday, January 26, 2006

Are You Suprised?

No doubt you've already read a dozen blogs that are huffing and puffing endlessly on the various meanings that can be extrapolated from the Hamas victory in "palestine". I'm sure you've read that its a victory for democracy... for the process. I'm sure you've read that its the end of the world. I'm sure you've read that's its the worst possible out come... and I'm sure you've read that its the most beautiful thing in the world when armed men lay down their guns and vote.

Well.. I'm not sure of any of those things. I'm actually hoping that my readers are smart enough to skip any article or blog that prints such stupidity.

Hamas' win isn't shocking.. or poignant.. or particularly revealing. If you learned something from it that I can only conclude that you have a serious dearth of historical knowledge.

This isn't new. It's is in entirely predictable.

Peoples routinely elect tyrants and dictators... even when they have a choice in the matter. The Germans for example didn't have to elect the Nazi Party. The Italians didn't have to elect the Fascist Party. Americans didn't have to elect Abraham Lincoln. On and on and on we can go back through history and find examples of evil men using the powers of Democracy to initially gain power... then of course they use the force of arms to keep it.

Hamas is in power now. Don't think for one second that they will release that power in an election.

There is a basic flaw in the modern understanding of human nature. It claims that man seeks freedom.

This is incorrect. History and obversable reality teach that the majority of people want to be dominated. They want to be ruled. Like a dog that loves its kennel... restrictions make them feel secure.

We see this all over America today.. and indeed all over the world. People seek out parking restrictions on their own streets... then they go buy permits to put on their cars so they can park on that very same street.


Because just parking on the street made them uncomfortable. They wanted a document that showed it was ok for them to do so.

They need someone to tell them its ok.

Remember... we are the minority. Those of us who want to be left alone... who rely on ourselves rather than on society... we are the freaks. Its not the otherway around.

There are always more sheep than wolves... and the sheep always look to the shepard to save them... Even while the shepard leads them off to the sheers.

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