Friday, January 13, 2006


That no account PORCUS started without us boys! By the look of things he's been sippin' on that rum since plum near 4pm! Get on with it! We gots some catchin' up to do.

Actually I shouldn't say we.. I mean y'all. Oh... I'm drinkin', but I have to pace myself tonight. See mom and dad are on the road... on their way up here... and they got Jeb with 'em. They likely won't roll into town until 3am... so it's a marathon instead of a sprint. Who's with me?

I reckon I should start with the basics... and basic it is tonight... Amber Bock. Plain ol' dark lager... but tough to beat on a cool winters night.

On the other fronts I'm kickin' around the idea of building a 1911. Now bear with me here... I know it sounds like a hair-brained scheme... but at least hear me out.

I know a couple of good suppliers where I can get quality inexpensive 80% finished frames. What that means is, the frames aren't done yet. No names or serial numbers... and the slide grooves have not yet been cut. In order to finish the frame, those grooves must be cut. Now... that said, I would need to buy a mini mill... which can be had for under 700 bucks (Harbor Freight has a tempting little unit for $499.00) and a cutting tool which is sold by the same folks that sell the frames.

What do I get for my time and money?

Unmarked... undocumented 1911s. That's what. Best of all... it's perfectly legal...and if they turn out to be good guns.. I can always put my name on them, get an FFL out of my workshop, and call myself a custom 1911 maker.... like Les Baer used to be! Even if I never do that.... How many people can say they made their own 1911? The plan of course is to use a quality frame and slide, then go cheap... and then swap out parts one at a time and document the results... until I eventually come up with an excellent combination. What do ya think? Madness? I see it as a pretty productive hobby myself. Beats the hell outta playin' X-box. I'm still in the research phaze right now... as spare time is hard to come by... and I've already got much time occupied in the job search and planning of Nate and JAC's Excellent Adventure.

Speaking of that... that DR650 is looking better and better...

and smokin'! Damn! I forgot about my smokes! CRAP!

Our beloved Welldigger... who by the way is expected to come along on the adventure... and therefore alter the name... purchased some fine cigars for me. Champagne I believe... mild... but complex... way better than you'd expect for the money. If you're lookin' for a daily smoker that won't affect your driving that may be something to look at....

Now.. Crank up some Chris Ledoux dammit.

We tell you before you come in
So if it ain't on your mind
To have a good time,
well y'all come back and see us again!

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