Monday, January 23, 2006

Y'all Shoulda Known

By now the sportsmedia is all in a tissy over the shocking Super Bowl matchup. After all... for a week now we'd heard that Steve Smith was an unstoppable super human force, and Shaun Alexander was only good for piling up stats on the likes of San Fransisco.

Over at SI 1 guy picked Seattle... and precisely one guy picked Pittsburgh. It wasn't the same guy either.

Hopefully you boys are all happily countin' your money this morning. After all... I told you Pitt and Seattle were gonna win. I know I know... You heard all about Carolina's defense... and all about how Steve Smith single-handedly destroyed the Greatest Defense of All Time...

Well guess what?

Sometimes... no... most of the time the media ends up reporting what it is saying as fresh news. Someone writes a piece talking about Smith being awesome... someone else reads it... likes it... and writes his own.. and it snowballs... Until by the end of the week the game is pointless because everyone knows that no one can possibly beat a team with Steve Smith on it.

When you see this happening... bet the other way. Always bet the other way. Come people... this was insane. You've got the league MVP who just racked up 1900 yards rushing and set the new league record for touch downs... being drug through the mud like an average player. More than once I heard people say, "If Shaun Alexander is so good, why hasn't he been signed?"

Looking back... can you honestly say you're suprised? I mean... back in week 10... if I tell you that Seattle is gonna pound Carolina in the playoffs... totally shut down Steve Smith, and Shaun Alexander is gonna roll for 130 and 2 tds are you gonna think twice about it? No. Back then you'd've said... "yeah.. I can see that." The media just blew the Panthers up way to much.

As for the Broncos...

Listen carefully... They have a good ground game.... but its not that good. There is a team that can run on Pitt... but it's not the Broncos. Plus... Plummer... Plummer! I hate it for that dude. I really am a fan of his. I wanted him to pull it out. But what happened? Exactly what I said would happen. He puked all over himself in the big game. All year long Denver had gotten by without leaning to much on him... but yesterday they had to, and he crumbled. Until proven wrong, always bet against Plummer in championship games.

But to much time is going to be spent slamming Plummer when the real criminal yesterday was Denver's defense. Holy cow did they suck. They made Big Ben look like Dan Marino out there. The vaunted blitz package that the idiot Boomer Isiason claimed was the thickest in the NFL was exposed for the joke it is. Of course... it's not the most complicated in the NFL. That distinction belongs to the Ravens... or perhaps the Steelers... next year the Titans will be back in that mix as well.

But enough...

Count your money. This was the easiest championship round to predict that I can remember.

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