Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Internet Anonymity

Over at his place Will posts:

"Nate, on the other hand, has done a horrible job at keeping his PERSEC tight. Posting pictures of him, his family, his house, his truck, his bike, and his address back this up a little. "

I get stuff like this a lot. On one hand you have guys like Bane and Vox who freak if you go so far as to mention how many kids they may or may not have. Strange... especially considering that Vox's alter-ego has a fan club. I suppose they do this because they know there are freaks out there, and its likely they've said something to piss the freaks off.

Now seriously... those of you who read this blog... or know me through commenting elsewhere... do you really think I haven't thought about this? Ya think this is an accident?

Lets look at it. What's the worst that could happen?

ID theft? Whose ID? Mine? So what? I don't have credit cards. Fixing my credit report (which I do check by the way and so should you) would be a minor inconvenience... mostly because I don't borrow money. Just ain't worried about it.

Ahh... but what if some freak got pissed and came by the house? One can only hope. I've never gotten to shoot a real live human being with the pt-101... but I hope to one day.

Look... I post some fairly radical stuff here. I think differently than just about everyone you're gonna meet. If got stories on here that many people simply find unbelievable. And why should they be believable? Its the internet... you can make up anything you want... and post anything you want. Truth has no meaning here.

I choose to lend the blog some credibility though. I do that by providing some evidence. My family is here reading this stuff. My wife... my brothers... my in-laws. If I am just making stuff up, they will call me out on it. I don't post under some lame ass alias. I'm Nate dammit. I use my name.

So could the Bloggerblaster be full of shit? Of course. But there is less reason to doubt me than say... Bane. Not because Bane is lieing... but because there are no verifications of anything Bane says. Face it... for all you know Bane is a 15-year-old kid who read a lot of comics and military novels. I don't say this to cast aspertions. Bantrants is a great blog. I'm just using it to make a point. Bane trades personal security for a lack of credibility. I don't.

Is it stupid?

That's for you to decide. I don't care. The real threats are always physical. Its the physical I prepare for and guard against. Hyper-vigilance doesn't even begin to describe it. Come on... I nearly killed someone in a post-office for the crime of being a paleskinny male in dark clothes and creeping me out while talking to my kid.

Let me give a recent example. The other night my dad and I were talkin' in the kitchen... it was late... we are all about ready for bed... but home invasions had been in the news and were the topic of discussion. I was of course blowing it off. Dad looked at me and said, "hey... it happens everyday. It could happen to you. They could kick that front door down." Now... here I am standing around in a bitch beater and a pair of boxers.

I took two quick steps, produced a firearm from no where and aimed at the front door. This happened in around a second. This of course suprised my Dad... but I have no idea why it would. You'd think he'd know by now.

Not bad really... but probly not as good as JAC... who simply carries a side arm at all times. Cut me some slack. I was ready for bed.

Its all just risk assesment and preparation. No big deal.

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