Monday, January 23, 2006

You've Got to be Shitting Me

Those slant-eyed yella bastards from Toyota are going to join NASCAR???

Building the railroads is one thing... driving a carberated 900 horse power behemoth around the half-mile salad bowl we call Bristol is quite another. Ain't it bad enough that NASCAR had to teach them how to make their engines when they joined the truck series?

And what are they gonna race anyway? I mean.. I know the modern Monte Carlo on the sales floor has jack squat to do with the car they race on sunday... but at least they actually offer a v-8 in the thing. The only v-8 toyota makes goes in what they loosely define as a truck.

And seriously... I know washed-up ol' DW drives their truck... but what driver is gonna squeeze into that Prius or whatever they call it?

Dayem.. it'll probly even be a hybrid.... with airbags... prolly even be sponsored by Tampax or some shit... or GreenPeace...

Somebody shoot me.

I can see it now... Ward Burton mumbling after a 40th place finish at Daytona...

"Wayell.... yaknowman... Eye'd jus leyek 'a thaynk all 'em boys what warked on at tampax tampoons number 82 tie-ota. We give'em hayell till that engine gave out on lap 10... with ire fool milage I reckon we'd had somethin' far 'em if we'd just had a chaince."

I am depressed.

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