Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mainstream Media Incompetence

I swear... I don't understand how FoxNewsCnnMSNBC can blow stuff this badly so often. This mining accident certainly puts things into perspective.

For example... right now we have foxnews twisting their hands and asking the tough questions... why did it take them 11-hours to get the first rescuers into the mine? Why was the first 911 call made 2 hours after the incident?

Well gawawlee... I wonder...

The rest of the country maybe dumb struck by these things... but the local folks aren't... and I'll bet anyone who knows anything about mining isn't either. First of all the rescue crews and equipment are not everywhere at once. The first step is always rounding up the team. It happens fast, but it still takes time.

After that they have to assess the situation. Sometimes the mine is just not safe enough to enter. You don't kill off a highly trained rescue team trying to save some guys who're already dead. Even still... they were bustin' their asses all day yesterday tryin' to figure out what they could do, but the gas levels in the mine were just to damned high.

These boys are 2 miles into the mine... some 270 feet deep. The rescue workers do carry respirators... but they're only good for 7-hours. In other words... you have to get in, and out in that time.. or you're toast. They couldn't do it. They'd have died trying. It took 11-hours for the gas levels to get down to where the rescue workers could go... and they've been haulin' ass ever since.

Last check they were well over 1.5 miles in.

There have also been rampant reports of fallen debris blocking the rescuers. This is also totally untrue. What's goin' on is simple... the trapped miners have done, or are doing what they were trained to do. They have carbon monoxide testers with them. They are using them. When they find carbon monoxide at dangerous levels, they seal off that area, and retreat to fresh air.

If you can find a local west virginia talkradio station.. turn it on for updates. Otherwise, don't believe a damned thing you hear on TV. These people have no clue.

Are the boys down there alive? We don't have a clue. It's a big place down there, plus they're trained to barricade themselves in. This ain't a rookie crew either. Some of those men have 30 years mining experience.

We'll know when we know.

Until then, take everything ya hear with a grain of salt.

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