Monday, January 30, 2006

Repost: The One Party System (because I felt like it)

I cannot for the life of me understand how one can continue to support the Invertibrate Elephant, any more I can see how one could support the Jackass Socialist Workers Party. How hard is it to see, that regardless of which holds power... Government continues along the same path? If anything, greater freedoms are lost under the guidance of the Invertibrate Elephants than under the Jackasses.

Hrm... Who started the EPA again? The Patriot Act? Yes yes... I know all you Republicans would've been thrilled to support the P.A. if it had been a Jackass wielding its new powers. The fact is... this country is not run by elected officials. It's run by the mindless army of bureacrats that standardize those officials... educate them... and make sure they go about their business without stirring up to much of a fuss.

One of the built in issues with exchanging the leadership of a representative republic, is the inherent possibilty of rampant instability. One group in power creating... then another coming behind them, and changing direction completely... only to have a third come along and tear it all down to start over. Ask yourself... Why doesn't this happen?

Simply... it's because the beureucrats remain. They take great care to insure continuity. Abandon all hope of radical change. The system is designed to supress it. The income tax is here to stay. As is the EPA... The Energy Department... The Department of Education... and all other blasphemous evils.

So long as the system remains... there shall be beureacrats with a vested interest in perpetuating it. They shall forever strive to protect their racket... as it's that racket that provides them FatCat status. They cannot allow a program to be cut... because that would eliminate some section of their own... and if one department goes... who's to say that their own department may not be next?

I no longer fret over who is elected and who is not. My dismay is caused not by the choice... but by the fact that once again, the People were duped into the false choice of the Whatsit.

The stone will roll downhill so long as the stone is round. Voting on the color of the stone will never stop it.

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