Friday, January 20, 2006

Starting Friday Off Right

Crom stops by to get things going: I understand that you are an expert in whiskies and bourbons, and I need a recommendation. Woodford Reserve and Maker's Mark are what I currently have in the cabinet and I want something of comparable quality - but something that is a different experience to drink. Something unusual. I figured that since it's Friday and I am going home by way of the liquor store, you are the man to ask.

Nate... Bourbon Expert... I like the sound of that...

Now... on to the answers... and yes... I mean plural.

Makers is and of itself an out of the ordinary bourbon. It shares method with Wild Turkey alone... a preculiar quirk in their barrell choice that gives them both a sweeter taste. Woodfords approaches classic bourbon taste. Now... something different... but still very good...

Do we have a budget?

If not then let me point you over to the Bookers. 128 proof... smooth... change your attitude heat. It if were scotch it would be 150 years old and 500 bucks an ounce. It ain't cheap though... you're dropping 40 bucks here.. minimum. For similar money you can snatch up some Blantons Original Single Barrel. 93 proof. Very very good... also... very different. It tastes like... Blantons.

In the $30 range things open up a bit... You have the 3 brothers of Bookers... Knob Creek, Bakers, and Basil Haydens. All bottled by Jim Beam and named after the legendary master distillers of their day. I love Basil Haydens... its got a peppery aroma and taste that come from the larger percentage of rye in its production. Its actually got twice what most bourbons have. Knob Creek and Basil Haydens are my official recommendations in this price range.

For $20 bucks or so I'm gonna send you off to find some Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve. One of the best buys in all of bourbon. Other options include Jim Beam Black (run away) and 1792 Reserve. 1792 doesn't have the nose that Woodfords does, but it's different, and its very very good. If you try Jim Beam Black... don't blame me. I warned you. The stuff sucks.

Did I miss anything boys?

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