Thursday, January 05, 2006

to Go Pro Mr Young

Vince Young... If you're reading this... and God knows there is no reason for you to be... go pro.


The only reason an underclassmen should ever come out early... there's no where to go but down. You will be one of the top 3 picks in the draft... maybe the very first choice. That means its time to take what you've earned. Think of your family son. You've done enough for Texas. Time to think of your kids, your family, and yourself.

But there are other reasons on top of that.

This year, a class organization with a winning history needs a young stud QB... and their drafting 3rd. You have a chance son... to go play behind a great offensive line... to throw to a young, talented, excited group of wide recievers... with the best group of tight-ends in the league to bail you out when necessary... and to boot... you've got two NFL proven running backs with you. You can play for a coach and a GM that have been to the Superbowl.

Son... you can study up for year... behind your friend... Steve McNair.... and what can you learn from Mac-9?

You can learn one all important lesson... One lesson that will mean the difference between Super Bowl rings and legend.... and mere highlight real talent...

You can learn to not be Mike Vick.

They may play in your home town... but the Texans don't need you... they need offensive linemen and defense. Besides... do you really want to take David Carr's place behind the worst pass protection in football?

What are your choices? The Texans who don't need you... and might get you killed.... New Orleans? Who don't even know where they are playin' their home games?The Saints? Who look like a franchise that has no idea where its going?

Or do you want to go to the Titans?

Reggie got his Heisman... you got your ring.

Let Reggie get is number 1 overall pick....


You put on that two-tone blue... and get another ring.

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