Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Border Stupidity

Aparently there was a great protest about US border policy yesterday... which is odd... as the best I can tell there isn't a border at all between the US and... well.... anywhere.

But the mere mention of actually creating one has many people in a hussy... no doubt the ones who are mostly tightly wound are the ones with the most to lose... you know... the ones who don't want to have to climb a wall if they get deported...

but alas... see their quote in this article:

"A migrant dies on the border everyday already," said Ada Omana, a migrant activist who lives in New York City. "With this wall, we are going to see more corpses in the desert."

In response I say...


Please name another law that we don't enforce for fear of harming the criminal. Criminals dieing in the desert... I'm supposed to have a problem with this? A couple things here...

Did they not know there was a desert? Are we to believe that they were just strolling along and suddenly thought, "Holy chit main! Is hot! No Aqua!"

Look... if you're to weak, or to stupid to get across that desert, then we don't want you. Its like natural selection. dig? I mean dayum... I don't want to have to worry about the help droppin' dead while he's mowin' my lawn. We need to know these boys can take it. Crossin' that desert is like a job application and interview all rolled into one.

If I had my way they'd line up lawnmowers and tool belts all along that border, and anyone who arrived on the other side of the desert without one of each would be sent back.

Thats not really plausible though... so I'll stick with the wall for now. Hey... the tougher it is to get here... the better the help will be when they finally make it. If he can scale a 20 foot wall, and then run through a desert... just think how fast he can tote a wheelbarrow full of mulch!

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