Friday, January 27, 2006


This is bound to be a downer after the return of the Harem... but tradition demands it. I sincerely hope y'all are all sippin' something ya love... except Jamie of course... who I hope is pounding tinnies.

Guiness Space Bunny? or is it wine tonight? Vox got is pinky out sippin' on something with an umberella in it?

JAC... that's some Russell's Reserve in your hand right?

Don't lie to me boys... after lookin' through the harem pics I know you're all thinkin' of a nice drink. Hell.. PORCUS bit the Bulliet about noon! Might have had it for breakfast! Poor ol' boy must've known it was gonna be a rough day.


Ya know I've been thinking about this request for stats... Maybe I should be including favorite drinks and choice of firearm with the ladies pics? How 'bout it girls? What do ya drink? What do you like to shoot? How about tunes?

I'm sippin' on some Woodfords Reserve and I'll prolly even have some Blantons later on... I know I know.. but I'm in the mood.. shut up... Cross Canadian Ragweed is playin'... Charlie Robinson's gonna come on before long too... along with Cash andKristofferson... You can't be drinkin' foo foo drinks with that kinda music on... it's blasphemy.

Lets face it... a beer just won't do it when "Angel flyin' to close to the ground" is playin'.

Anyway... I've got a 7-shot .357 wheelgun... a nice smoke... honduras smoke... who knew? Good tunes... guns.. good music...

Boys are tucked in and sleepin' the peaceful sleep of children.

It's not bad... not to bad. Hope you can say the same.

Now before I go... A picture and a song...

George Jones and Jesus
Are two hero's of mine
One is only human
and the other one divine

When I could not find a friend
I found out that I had two
George Jones and Jesus
Pulled me through.

When a man is on the bottom
he may not cry for help.
But he needs to know he's not alone
in hell all by himself

Those songs ol' George was singing
They somehow eased the hurt.
And Jesus did not turn me out
When a bar room wasy my church.


Now the Possum ain't no savior
but he never claimed to be.
and Jesus hung out with a crowd
of troubled souls like me

Now you can't find a George Jones Classic
in a big black book of hymns
But I'm living proof that Jesus saves
in a smoky place like this.


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