Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Another reason to hate Morgantown

Several years ago, the city decided it was going to require permits to park on certain neighbood streets. In other words, you have to go down and pay the city, for the privilage of parking in front of your own damned house.

They got around the public outrage by saying that if a neighborhood didn't want to be "protected" they could collect ten signatures and the street would then be re-classified.

Well a few years back they started requiring folks on my street to buy permits. The folks didn't take it to well, and collected their signatures and put a stop to it. All was well until last year, when the city comes in, and once again, starts requiring permits.

The folks who live on my street have now given up. Why bother? The city is just gonna come back in a couple years and try it again.

But this is not the end of my gripe.. no no... this is just the begining. You see, I'm not allowed to park in front of my house at all, and do to zoneing laws, I am also not allowed to build a driveway. It is also illegal in the city of Morgantown to park your car in your yard.

See where I'm going here?

So last year, my wife got permits so we could at least legally park down the street from our house. As you can imagine, I was against this, but I had already had it out with a cop over the matter, and apparently Julie figured 5 bucks was worth the peace of mind.

Well.. yesterday I have to go renew the permits. I walk into the office, introduce myself, and explain why I'm there, and I am promptly told that I will have to produce a utility bill, and proof of registration of my vehicle.

"Ma'am, I'm just renewing. I'm sure all of this information is on your records."

"Sir, I have to see proof of residence."

"Fine. Here's a utility bill. Is that good enough?"

"I have to see your registration."

"I'm just renewing. Can't you just copy the numbers down from our paperwork?"

"No. I have to see proof."

This sort of thing drives me out of my mind. We're not talking about citizenship here. We're talking about a bullshit 5 dollar parking tag, that I shouldn't have to have anyway! Typical yankee mindset.

I hate the Northeast. I hate West Virginia. I hate Morgantown. I hate my neighborhood. I hate all things Urban. I hate people who get their jollies by making rules and regulations based on their own pet-peeves.

15 months. I have to stay here for 15 more months. Then this nest of whores and vipers can kiss my ass. Its population survives only because Robert C. Byrd is such an effective thief. He pilfers enough money from the national coffers to insure that there are enough bullshit handouts to support this lazy, pathetic, loathesome little population.

May they all rot.

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