Sunday, August 29, 2004

Opening Night

The College Football season kicked off lastnight, and thank God for it. Between the Olympics that no one cares about, and the baseball season that no one cares about, and Dale Jr's slump, its been a rough summer!

So what did we learn last night? The more things change, the more they stay the same. USC came out flatter than UT at the Peach Bowl. They could run the ball, but for some reason they kept forgetting too. Their passing game was ugly, and the coaches didn't seem to have any idea how to fix it.

On the other side, a far inferior Virginia Tech team was busily kicking some USC ass.

Coming out of halftime, the USC offense totally folded. They had a couple plays for a loss, and ended up punting. The Virginia Tech Nuttless Turkeys then took the ball and started ramming it down USC's throat. The key moment of the entire game came with Va Tech on their own 40. Randal heaves the ball down field, and a USC corner totally over-runs the play. The underthrown ball fall right into the reciever's hands at the USC 20 yardline.

No wait... Aren't these SEC officials? Oh yeah... there's the flag I was looking for. You see, as the idiot cornerback over-ran the play, the wideout made the aggregious error of waving him buy with his right hand. Offensive Pass-Interference. Now, instead of 1 and 10 on the Trojan 20, the Nuttless Turkeys are now 2nd and 20 on the va tech 30 or so. Nice. That one call totally changed the game. USC used it as a wake-up call. It wasn't USC's coaches that elevated their play, or the leaders in the huddle. It was the Zebras. Go home proud boys. The number one team in the country. Call me unimpressed.

SEC officials suck. Their blown calls affected the outcomes of at least 4 games last year, and several more the year before. We've been promised time and again that the SEC would handle this officiating issue. Judging by last night's game... nothing has changed at all.

*** As an aside, understand that I am by no means a Va Tech fan. I had no horse in this race. So this is one impartial oppinion that saying the Nuttless Turkeys got robbed.***

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