Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Not Enough Yet?

Sean masochisticly comments: Could the sheep not have voted to eat somewhere else?

Of course he could vote to eat somewhere else. That's my point! He can vote anyway he likes, but the wolves are still going to out-vote him, then eat him.

We in the South have been electing conservative officials, and sending them to congress for 200 years. Congressional voting records show a clear geographic distinction between southern congressmen, and everyone else. Geography is a better predictor of the voting record of a congressman than his party affiliation.

So each year we send more congressmen to vote for lower taxes and smaller government. And each year they are out-voted by the yankee and left-coast liberals. Does it matter then if we sent liberal congressmen? no. It would matter not one bit. 75 to 25, or 90 to 10, the outcome is the exact same.

You think electing someone from the libertarian party, or the constitution party will change things? Please. The bureacracy would chew them up and spit them out, just like it did old Ronnie. He had big ideas about changing things too didn't he? What did we get? Not a damned thing.

You're pissing into a stiff wind boy.

Without control of congress, a 3rd party president would get nothing done, and even if he somehow managed to accomplish some meager progress, the corrupt judiciary would strike it down.

Now as for this "lazy" label... Where did this come from? How long have you been here? My brother and I were practicly founding members of the Southern Party. When they wanted to expand to Virginia, and West Virginia this year, they look me up personally. That sound like doing nothing to you?

That's the difference Sean. You are voting, to make yourself feel better. I have no guilty conscience. I know that if we get Southern Party governors, and Southern Party local officials elected, that something will happen. It happened before. It can happen again.

Class dismissed.

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