Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Slow Days

Sorry about the lack of posts. As you can imagine its been pretty busy around here. We've got alot of stuff to figure out. Julie got scanned yesterday, and informally, it looks like she's at least 7 weeks, and more likely 8 or 9 weeks... So early or mid April. We saw the little fella's heartbeat, and we wiggled around a little for us too. Accomodating little bugger!

Julie thinks its a girl... I think it's a boy... but who knows? Either way its another youngin' around and that's always good news.

Jeb's great with babies. You wouldn't believe how gentle the kid is. He pets their head... and he's always trying to bring them his toys or offer them his sippy-cup. Cracks me up.

Good times ahead.

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