Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Where is GnR?

I'm 30 years old. I'm not an old fart... So why am I forced to listen to old fart music?

Lets have a history lesson though... Through-out rock n' roll's past, as far back as Elvis, there has always been a guy, or a band, that ruled the day. More often than not, these bands would be hardcore rebels. They have an edge. Elvis in the 50's... Hendrix in the 60's... Led Zeplin in the 70's. Then came the 80's. We were left without. Music was largely dominated by pretenders like Poison and Cinderella, which... as bad as they were, were infinitly better than the prepackaged wanna-be's like Winger and Kixx. Motley Crue stepped up to the plate to try to be the Rock Gods... but they folded like school-girls. Home Sweet Home? Are you kidding me? You pussies.

We were left to languish, but little did we know... in the ratty bars of Hollywood, a band was forming that would simply rule the world.

When Guns and Roses released Appetite for Destruction, and instantly filled that void. I can honestly say that I've never heard anything like that album before or since.

GnR ruled rock until the Rock Gods saw fit to bestow the Crown on some boys from Seattle. They were to busy self-destructing to see it though.

Curt Cobaine couldn't handle Rock God status... or courtney love couldn't... and one of the two of them blew his head off.

The crown then fell to Pearl Jam. Though, you can certainly argue that they were the rightfull owners anyway. Nirvana never did measure up to PJ when it came to Arena Rock.

But as fate would have it, Pearl Jam wasn't any more interested in leading the Rock World than Nirvana was. They just walked away.

Since 1994 we've been without. As long a dry spell as I can find in Rock History. You could argue that Creed tried to take up the Crown, but if they did, they failed. Do Gooders need not apply.

Where is Guns and Roses? Where is Van Halen? Hell, I'd settle for Sound Garden at this point.

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