Friday, August 20, 2004

God Likes "Regressive" Taxes

ok... I really don't know what God likes or not... but I do know that a flat 10% tithe fits the bill of what liberals describe as a regressive tax.

Few things irritate me like hearing a Christian rant on about how God wants the rich to pay high taxes, and how support of tax cuts for the wealthy is somehow anti-Christian.

Listen up people! Just because I don't think the government has any business in Charity, doesn't mean that I don't like poor people!

In short, I don't think the government should be helping poor people. I think you and I should. Using the Government to help the poor is forcing people into charity. That may sound good, but Robin Hood was still a damned thief, and they should've strung him up.

Did it ever occur to anyone that the money that Robin Hood stole was being sent to a blacksmith, who had toiled all year working for the King? Or to the Baker? or to the men who built the new Mill that was now going to employ the poor?


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