Friday, August 20, 2004

Iranians and Office Tyrants

So we have the moron Ayatollas over in Iran talking big now. This is what I love about arabs. They act like power obsessed women. They talk big and when not involved in a real confrontation, they have all the courage in the world. However, like women, as soon as someone gets in their face, they piss themselves. See Saddam for details.

Now this may be unfair to women, because its certainly a trait found in modern men as well, but its far more common with Super-Power Carreer Girls. They've got more bravado than a 12 year-old mexican street urchin. I can't tell you how many women I've worked for that fit this mold, and how many times I've seen these same women, who strive so hard to earn the "she takes no crap" award, piss themselves when confronted.

In general, when you meet a manager that frequently talks about people behind their backs, this description will apply.

My advice? When one of these cowards comes around and starts talking crap, challenge them. Women in power do not know how to handle a confrontation. 90% will do one of two things; they will either panic, and give you the deer-in-the-headlights look, completely unable to respond to anything you say, or, they'll totally lose control and throw a screaming mad fit.

In either case, you've exposed them for the idiot that they are. You accomplish a couple things this way... One, Captain Takes-No-Crap will suddenly be your buddy, and two, Captain Takes-No-Crap will have learned a valuable management lesson: Know with whom you can f**k, and with whom you cannot.

By the way... This is exactly how I would handle the idiots in Iran. What's that? you say you're considering a pre-emptive strike against US forces? Oh? OK! That's good enough for me. Let the Carpet Bombing commence!!!

I had a blow hard of a boss in Memphis. What a moron this guy was... Management by fear and intimidation... anyway... He would sometimes run though the office cussing everyone. He would pick out someone, almost at random, and ream them a new one for what ever miniscule mistake he was able to find or imagine. He would dog cuss these people, and they'd let him by with it.

Interestingly... the whole time I worked for the guy though, he never once tried it with me. Why? Because he knew damned well I wouldn't take it, and he couldn't afford to get called out in front of all the others in the office. He would occasionally rant at a group of us, but when he did, I would always make a point to stare him down. I would make eye-contact, and dare him to say something to me. In two years... he never did. In fact, he would almost always ask me to come outside with him afterwards, so he could bitch about how stupid everyone else was, and to ask my advice on fixing it.

That's the way you treat a bully who never grew up. That's the way Bush should treat these moron Iranians.

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