Monday, August 16, 2004

I ain't Catholic

This doesn't mean I have anything against the church mind you. I just don't believe a lot of things that they do believe. It's not so much what they believe that bothers me, its the rediculous reasoning that they use to back up those beliefs.

Some of you are aware that I will be watching the infant son of a friend. The little fella's mom's Catholic, and she was kind enough to invite us to his Christoning. Sorry guys, I don't know how to spell that. Anyway.... We were honored to attent, and happily did so. Of all days for us to be visiting a Catholic Church though... Its the day when they celebrate Marys assention into Heaven.

The priest clearly has a sense of humor. He began his sermon by saying, "The arguement against the assention is a simple one; its not in the Bible. The Catholic response to this is usually... yeah... and?"

He then went on to make the case for the assention. In all seriousness, the whole point boiled down to; Christ was human. Humans love their mommy. therefore, Jesus took his mommy with him, because... wouldn't you?

Are you kidding? So its no longer, we do what jesus would do, its Jesus did what we would do?
This type of reasoning does not lead to the proverbial slippery slope. Its far more like jumping off the cliff.

So many of the traditions of the Catholic Church are based on reasoning just as silly and fallible as this.

I believe in honoring, and valuing the traditions of the Church, but we have to have some standards here people. The logic used to support the traditions of Confession, the Assention, and Intervention are all similar, and they all sound like something a 3rd grader would come up with to support his belief in Santa Claus.

"I want to believe in Santa Claus. Therefore Santa Claus is real."

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