Monday, August 09, 2004

Great Government Stupid

So... you want to go work in another country for a year eh? Listen to the stupidity people... you'll love it...

My hot little sister Joy must get an official transcript from her university, and it must be notorized. Now this is no easy task. Apparently transcripts are only official if they are in stamped, sealed envelope. As if all this wasn't bad enough, she has to take this notorized official transcript to a county clerk to verify that it is in fact notorized.

Of course... the notorized transcript is inside the sealed envelope. So if the county clerk opens it and breaks the seal, it's no longer an Official Transcript. Sadly, the county clerk is not blessed with Superman vision, and she cannot see through the envelope.

Our country is not run by elected officials my friends. Its run by idiot bureacrats, against whom there is no repreive.

Your vote will not change that.

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