Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The KGB and the Snake

It's now solidly planted in the Historical Record that the counter-culture protests of the 60's were the direct result of the KGB . Indeed, the KGB itself claimed the action as one of its greatest successes. It's hard to agrue with the results.

But I want to focus on the method. The KGB focused on the emotionaly impressionable young women of America. The mixed the messages of Free Love and Peace. Their thinking was clear. We cannot attack the young men directly, but we can get the women... and they can get the men for us.

Something about a Snake and a Garden?

As young women embraced the peace movement, and young men clamoured to embrace them and just like the the afair in the Garden, it was all down hill from there.

What do we learn from this?

It's simple really. Conventional wisdom says that women are the protectors of morality and civiliation here on Earth. Well conventional wisdom is wrong.

A woman with any type of moral compass at all is almost as rare as a man who can consistantly find his keys.

Duty and Honor are uniquely male concepts, and these bind us into a civilized society. Oh sure, you will find women who understand and emulate both. You can find such examples right here reading this blog. But in the general populace they are rare... straight softball player rare.

Women's promiscuity is far more related to their own security than any moral guide. If she is happy and likes herself, then she's probably not a tramp. If she's insecure, invariably she's out looking for a hard pecker to prove that she's pretty, and the more the better.

"I'm not fat. If I was fat, why would all these guys screw me?"

A woman will sacrifice morals, duty, honor, and about anything else for peace and security. They worship at the alter of pleasantness.

The Snake didn't make his offer to Adam... For the Snake is wise. He knew that Adam would've made boots from his sorry carcass.

Who says commies don't read the Bible?

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