Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Big News

Ok fine... I had no intention of giving this up but with even Bufelda chiming in I guess I'll cave. Julie's knocked up y'all. Originally we had planned on waiting until she was out of residency, but what can I say? I got the job done ahead of schedule.

Julie came and woke me up a few days ago all cryin' and stuff... "I'm pregnant!!!"

"Look.. I'm sorry if I don't act all suprised and stuff... but well... I've known you were pregnant for weeks."

Let's face it, chicks are different when they are pregnant. They're not all different in the same way, but after living with julie through one pregnancy, it was plain as day the second time. She was tired all the time, she was real emotional, her eating habits were changing... It was just obvious. She kept taking tests, and they kept showin' up negative... but all the while I just though... "man that's wierd that all those tests keep getting it wrong."

I was never dumb enough to say that to her of course.

She hasn't been to the Dr yet so we don't know how far along she is... I'm thinking 8-10 weeks. We'll see. As for the boy girl thing... I think we'd rather have a boy... I like he idea of having an additional pair of eyes to watch over my future daughter, and an additional pair of hands to help bury any bodies that should find themselves in need of buryin'.

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