Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ignorance and Bliss

Wes axes: How would you counter someone that is arguing that he will vote simply because of the lives lost for the right to vote?

We I would start by pointing out to the poor ignorant bastard that there is no individual, or collective right to vote enumered anywhere in the Constitution. States appoint electors. How the individual states choose to pick said electors is totally up to them. If Texas wants to have monkeys pull names from a hat, they can do that.

Voting is a privilege. It is something that can be regulated and controlled. Rights are granted by God, and cannot be regulated.

Its a statement designed to facilitate an emotional response, not a reasoned one. When you feel the statement, "Men died for your right to vote!" it tugs at the heart. However, when you think about the statement, instead of feel it, you realize that its bunk.

Its a catch phrase for those to dim to see through it. Sick him Wes.

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