Friday, July 15, 2005

ATF: New Guns Edition

Say boys.. you seen what's goin' on over at Taurus lately? We By God you ought to! Them boys down in Brazil have done up and decided to crank out a couple honest to God 1911's! Full size... 8+1... .45acp... a man's gun. Some folks are disappointed that Taurus is only offerin' one model... but hey... they ain't lookin' to compete with Kimber here. They've developed a loyal customer base, and they don't want to lose some folks just because they are in the market for 1911. Also, the local gunsmith here in town got his hands on one... He raved about it for a good 10 minutes when I called him about it. While I am stoked as I can be over this... It also puts me in quite a spot.

See... I'm a Taurus fan. I love 'em. No handgun company gives ya more for your money. But then... I also love Springfield... hell... you all know about that fetish... so now what?

Speakin' of Springfield... y'all see the new SOCOM in urban camo? Chicks will totally dig that gun. Black for me thanks... but hey... you pull out that bad boy at the local shoot, and watch the chicks flock.

Over at Beretta they are releasin' a couple of pretty awesome new guns... the Storm is a futuristic handgun... along the lines of the vaunted p-99. Strange lookin'. Has a serious Buck Rogers look. They're also releasing the SAKO... which is a rifle with multiple barrells... woot!

CZ has some impressive shotguns on their website now... hrm.... Looks like the shotguns are actually made in Turkey by Huglu. Now... these are some nice guns boys, and the great thing is, you can get them in everything from 410 to 12... you can have a single trigger, or a double. I think I actually prefer the double for hunting purposes, as it's inherently more versitile... but I'll stick with a single for clays.

The boys over at Savage aren't really up to much this year... but they don't have to be. They pretty much destroyed their competition when they introduced the ACCU-trigger system last year. I swear... if there is a nicer stock trigger any where in the world, I've never pulled it. Gimmie an accu-trigger... an on-off muzzle-break... controlled-round feeding (thing winchester pre-64) and you'll see one happy redneck. Savage also gets my vote for the best slogan in firearms; Actions speak louder than words.

So what else is new? Well.. I got an email from ol' Bill Samuels at Makers Mark. Apparently my barrell is about to be filled... then it'll be agin' time. Good email. Had lots of insider type bourbon process info. Considering this momentous occasion... I suppose it'll be a Makers night. Heh... what a pity.

Whiskeygirl is up here... and I don't think she's ever had Makers before... so...

But I digress...

Let's talk about smokes for a minute. Spacebunny asked a while back what the protocol was on females and cigars. I suppose the best way to handle this topic is to invoke the boy-friend's jacket rule. See.. ya don't want to be around a woman who's trying to dress like a man. Butch chicks suck. But... a cute feminine chick wearin' her boyfriend's jacket is fine.

This applies to cigars.... see... if she's out there smokin' a big ol' cigar to prove she's one of the boys... well... that sucks... if she's is puffin' on one with her man just to have a little fun... it's cool.

Intention often affects perception. Write that down kids.

As for tunes... well... its a little overcast... typical West Virginia crappy weather... I'm feelin' a little superior... so maybe it'll be some dim lights and.... Berlioz? maybe... maybe... Night on Bald Mountain? Or.... In the Hall of the Mountain King? Danze Macabre?

yeah that... that'll work.

Enjoy my friends. You can bet I well.

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