Sunday, July 17, 2005

Done Deal: Travis Henry to the Titans

Man... I've been sweatin' about this all summer. Finally got it done though. UT's all-time leading rusher... Cheese... Travis Henry... is comin' to play for the Titans.

We gave up a third round pick... which some are going to say is to much... and of course... we're going to laugh at all those people in about 3 months when Henry is averaging 4 or 5 yards per carry.

This is huge for Tennessee in two ways...

1) It gets us a one-two combo in the backfield that very few teams can match. Henry's power and determination... and Chris Browns deceptive speed and balance... Tasty.

2) It keeps Jacksonville grasping for straws. The Jags wanted Henry bad, but apparently they screwed around and let him slip away. That leaves them with Mr Glass (Fred Taylor) in the backfield... and no quality backup.

I am confident that Henry will be a huge contributor this year... and he may well end up beating out Brown for the starting job.

I picked up Henry late last year in my keeper league because I knew he would be traded. I thought it was worth a roster spot to take the chance. This is what I was hoping for. Even if Brown stays healthy... and that's a big if... Chow (Tennessee's Offensive Coordinator) has a history of using two backs, and distributing the work well. They'll likely be on the field at the same time pretty often.

Dammit... I am fired up!

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