Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Grab Thy Ankles

So here I sit with my Bourbon and Coke... and I'm thinkin'... how much longer?

We've got states passin' laws requirin' first time drunk drivers to pick up road side litter while wearin' "I'm a drunk driver" signs. I mean... those MADD skanks must be gettin' pretty desperate. What's next? Public whippin'? Are we gonna turn back the clock to prohibition or what?

We've got states passin' laws that dogs can no longer put their heads out the windows of cars... because the dogs might get hurt. This from the mind of a yankee 10-year old. Say... for the record... this is why we don't elect 10-year olds. I'd like to find the big brain behind PA's "There oughta be a law" contest and strangle him with his own entrails.

This while we got other judges lettin' convicted pederasts out on bail... when they were re-arrested for what? Right... child molestation....

And now?

Cameras. Cameras on every street corner. Just may as well get ready kids... cause they're comin'. The Brits used them to track down the London terrorists... You know what that means? If you said "they're comin' to every city in America." then make like ol' Bob and head on up to the front row.

We ain' gonna be able to sneeze without some prick cop watchin' us.

Oh... The Cowardly Elephants will tell us that this is a fight for our freedom... they'll tell ya how its all about the extremist's hate for liberty...

But then... the Jihadists ain't the ones fondlin' my wife at the airport... nor are they the ones who're watchin' every step I take with street corner cameras... nor are they the ones tellin' me my damned dog has to wear a seatbelt.

Piss off.

The simple fact that Republicans don't suck nearly as much as Democrats doesn't mean that Republicans don't suck at all. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

They both suck. The libertarians suck too... and so does the Constitution Party.

Listen up... cause I'm only gonna say this one more time dammit...

You fight these people with more individual freedom. Not less. How comfortable are those folks at the muslim student unions gonna be runnin' their jihadist cake holes... when they have to wonder if there is an armed redneck around the corner?

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