Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Southron Independence

So... Where exactly do you stand on that whole "self determination" thing? Does a people have a God given right to govern themselves? Or is it all might makes right?

Can you think of any legal union that cannot also be legally desolved?

Lets just talk about your state for a moment... where ever that state is...

Are the people of your state to stupid and incompetent to deal with matters themselves? Ok... if you're from west Virginia don't answer that... in fact... you just sit in the corner... I'll deal with you later...

But you other folks.. from legitimate states... Do you need to rely on the wisdom and intellect of the East Coast to solve your problems? Are the people of North Carolina to stupid to deterime what is appropriate and what is not in their own state? Must they depend on 100 or so residents of Washington, DC... only 2 of which are actually from the relevant state, to keep them on the straight and narrow?

Did God grant one certain people the right to Self Determination? If it was indeed granted everyone... then why is secession from the Soviet Union acceptable... while secession from the United States is unthinkable?

The Soviets fought several wars... just like the ever so inaccurately labeled US Civil War... and the big boys won. Yet years later... the states seceded... with the support of the US government.

If the War settled matters here... why didn't it settle matters there?

The answers to these questions all lead to the same uncomfortable place. The South was Right. The South was well within its rights to secede, and no act of violence can change that.

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