Saturday, July 16, 2005


It certainly not hard to find clear examples of Evil in our society... but today I came across something that was special.

Apparently.... Up in Uniontown, PA... which is all of 15 minutes north of Morgantown, there's Tee-Ball league... and there was article on said Tee Ball league in today's newspaper...

I was bored and it caught my eye... and oh how I wish it hadn't.

See this one particular team had a disabled kid on it... Before that days game... all the sudden on his teamates nails him in the face with a baseball.... then when the little disabled boy falls down screaming and crying... the kid that hurt him calmly walks over, picks up the ball, and nails him again, this time in the groin.

You can imagine... everyone there freaked out. Parents and other adults came running over to see what the hell was going on...

The attacker just shrugged his shoulders and said, "The coach told me to do it. He gave me 25 bucks to hurt him so he wouldn't play in the game today and screw it up again. He's not any good."

Yeah. You read that right. The little disabled boy's coach not only told the kid to hurt him, he paid the kid to hurt the disabled boy, because he wanted to win a damned Tee-Ball game.

That is Evil friends. It is Evil in pure form. The cost may not be as severe as a bus bomb... but the Evil involved is just as raw.

The coach was arrested... he was charged with several crimes... but in the end he won't spend more than a few months in jail.... if that.

No matter... Uniontown is a small town... Tiny... just a few thousand people... Everyone knows that SOB... He'll get his.

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