Monday, July 25, 2005

Whack'em, Stack'em. London Style.

I've written.. countless times that police officers are not there to prevent crime. They are there, to control crowds, protect the politicians, collect taxes, and clean up the mess.

Whenever they get a wild hare.. and decide to actually attempt to save someone... you can rest assured that innocents are about to die. More often than not, its the very people who call the police in the first place who end up gettin' shot... tazed... or beaten to death.

I recall the teacher in Chicago... she was being threatened by a gang of thugs... she held them off with her snubby .38 while she made the fatal mistake of dialing 911. The cops got there... and despite her telling them that she had a gun and was holding the thugs off with it... who did they shoot?

Did they shoot the four thugs dressed in gang colors? No. They shoot the 40-year-old female school teacher.... who had just called them to come help her.

Ah... but what did the cops see? She had a gun! she could've shot one of those boys! She was stupid! She deserved to get shot! It's not the cops' fault! Isn't it interesting that the same excuses we heard then, are still being used today... and they're still working.

I can't help but think of John Cleese in a Flying Circus News Broadcast...

"And in a terrible bit of news it seems that some arabic terrorists have blown up some people in the tubes... perhaps a bus as well... 53 dead... In response, the police scared the hell out of a brazilian electrician, then shot him 5 times in the face when he ran away. Back to you Sally."

Have ya thought about this?

Seems to me that a lot of folks who are slammin' on this particular dead Brazilian are also the concealed carry types. Ya know... concealin' a weapon requires layers. Even if its 95 degress outside.

So... if its hotter than Blue Hell out... and a cop sees me walkin' around in bluejeans, boots, a tight undershirt and a really baggy shirt on top of that... Does that mean he can shoot me? I could have a bomb under there after all.

SCOTUS has confirmed that the cops have no legal responsibility to help you when you call. Thats the most concrete evidence I can give you to explain what their jobs really are.

They are there to keep ya'll from going mob on the elected officials of the community. They are their to see that you sit down and shut up. They are the enforcers.

I'll end this with the same familiar advice I was given by the police captain who taught our concealed carry class.

If something ever happens... you handle it yourself. Once its handled, you call the cops. You tell them who you are, and what happened. You make sure when they arrive that they see that you are the good guy. Your hands should be up and in plain site when they arrive.

Like the man said... The cops may only know that they are going to investigate a shooting. They are gonna arrive scared.

You want nothing to do with a bunch of scared cops.

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