Monday, July 18, 2005

Two for Two

I love these two. Seems like for the longest time, everyone we talked to about Jeb would have something negative to say about our next kid. Jeb slept so good... he was such an easy baby to get along with. People commented a lot. They'd say things like "Wait till the next one comes around!"

Well.. the next one came around.

I'm happy to say he's just as easy to get along with as Jeb was. Eli goes to sleep around 8.. maybe 7:30. He wakes up around 8.. or 9...

He takes at least 2 tw0-hour naps a day... and 3-hour naps are becoming more and more common. Long trips in the truck? No problem. He loves the truck. Grocery shoppin'? Errands? No problem. He loves gettin' out and seein' stuff. Chillin' in the swing by himself? No problem. He loves some alone time. He's got more of an attitude than Jeb did... he's a little quicker to pull the trigger... but he's also more patient in a few ways too.

Me and Jeb love havin' Eli around. He laughs at us... and hey... you probably would to if ya saw the way we run around the house and throw things at each other. Eli loves for me to sing... which you can imagine is torture to about everyone else in the house... but hey... If a rowdy rendition of "Ramblin' Man" is all it takes to keep a little one laughin' outloud... hell... what else do ya want?

Here's to little boys y'all.

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