Friday, July 22, 2005

The Religion of Peace

Did ya see this? He wants to see the flag of Islam flying over the whole world. But no... there is no Jihad... right? It's just some extremists who've hijacked the religion...


I sit and listen to some twit on FoxNews claim that this cleric is not a religious leader... because what he's saying is inflamatory... Ahhh... So... it's not possible to be both. I suppose once it comes to light that virtually all clerics feel this way... then what? Then do we just say that there aren't really any clerics at all?

Such is the way of Big Brother. Religious Leader.. or Terrorist.. but never both. Sure.. Sure... He's speaking in a Mosque... and he has several hundered followers... but he's not a religious leader... because... ummm... he's saying things that don't fit with our sanatized image of Islam.

Read that article and pay attention. It's not one lone voice in the wilderness. You go to any muslim student center on any campus in America, and you will hear that exact same thing. Islam is a religion founded not by a theologen or philosopher... but a warlord.

Man I'm just pissed today.

We give up more and more freedom... While our leaders refuse to even identify who it is we're fighting.

The whole thing makes me sick.

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