Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mr Establishment

While the Lapdogs are busily licking the feet of their masters... ever so thankful for the perceived bone they've been thrown... I'd like to interupt the fun for a wee dose of reality.

Just what were the mistakes of the past?

Wasn't O'Connor a presumed conservative with a brilliant mind... albiet one with a limited track-record? And can the same be said of Kennedy? And Stevens? And Souter?

And here we are yet again... another nominee that many people say is conservative... but there is no evidence of such. Certainly non in the form of rulings or written opinions. 4 hours of searching last night turned up squat. Zilch. Nada. Nuthin'.

Where is he on the 2nd Amendment? Where is he on Baby-Killin'?

We don't know.

Ya think the libs wondered where Ginsburg stood on this stuff before they called her name? No. No they didn't. And that's why they don't screw up. They pick from the chosen few. They pick from the Disciples of the Cause.

Business Conservatives may be happy with the guy... Social Conservatives? Don't dare to hope. Everything about this guy says "I play by the rules, I respect the rules, I do as I'm told."

I desperately want to be wrong about this. I want this dude to knock a few out of the park. I'm not a fool though.

Fool me once... fool me 4 times?

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