Friday, July 22, 2005

I Just Don't Like Fat People

Say what ya what... bein' fat ain't the same thing as being black.. or asian... or female. You're fat because you eat more than you exercize. You sit on your bloated lazy ass, and stuff bon-bons down your throat.

Richard Simmons will cry and hold your hand.

I would kick you in the fat ass if I wasn't afraid I'd lose my foot.

Ya know... the other day they had to try to operate on a 600 pound man... seems he'd developed an infected scrotum... because his pecker was buried under all that fat, and he couldn't get it out to urinate.

When I say buried.. understand... they had a Urologist in there with a fiber-optic scope trying to find the man's dick... just so they could try to put a foley cath in. The Urologist finally stopped and said... "Well... I think I got it... but I'm not sure."

How can you pity someone who is so fat they've lost their own dick???

And who's paying for these fat bastards to get treated?

I am. You are. We are.

How is it that we got a law about seatbelts... and motorcycle helmets... because you know.. they keep insurance rates down.. but we got no law against Fat???

How about them apples? Check you ass at the DMV. You're over 400 pounds.. its off to surgery buddy... we're staplin' your damned stomach. By God you'll lose some weight then.

How much do you think the Mr I-can't-find-my-pecker's of the world increase our insurance?

And what's worse... is the attitude these people have... They come to the hospital stinking to high Heaven... then they act like its their right to be that damned fat, and there is something wrong with any doctor who tells them otherwise.

I couldn't be a doctor. Mostly, because I'd simply tell every one of the fat scum to get off their lazy asses and lose some weight, because I wasn't treating them until they did. Why would any doctor look to care for someone who is utterly unwilling to care for themselves? Piss on 'em.

Oh I know... I'm supposed to feel sorry for them...

Tell me... Do you feel sorry for the adultress? Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.. Just like Lust. Double standard there huh? Oh yeah... but who are they hurtin' you ask?

Me. By stinking. By looking ever so repugnant and foul. But mostly by stinking.

Oh I'm sure there are a million people offering them advice on how to lose that weight too... but ya know what? It just ain't complex.

Get off your fat ass.

Walk. Run. Jump. Move around you lazy piece of crap! Put down the cheetos for cryin' out loud.

One more example... Chick comes in to birth a baby... she's so damned fat she didn't even know she was pregnant... she's so damned fat she couldn't fit on a regular gurney... so they have to take her downstairs to the OR's to perform the C-Section...

She's so Damned Fat she breaks the elevator going down.

Broke it.

8 innocent people were stuck in an elevator... with her stinking.. whining... pathetic bloated ass.. for 15 minutes... while the mechanics had to jack it up to the floor.. so the door would open.

Pity???? You want Pity???? Piss off. You get nothing from me but barely controlled contempt. I've refrained recently from going off on the truely bloated when I encounter them in public...

and ya know...

I regret that.

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