Friday, January 19, 2007


Been awhile hasn't it? Fear not friends! I've neither given up booze nor tobacco... and I am as armed as ever. Perhaps more so.

I confess I thought about jumping head long into the comment section below and depantsing Bill with a few scriptural quotes... i don't know... something about knocking the dust from sandles... As opposed to you... running for office and reforming the laws.

But I digress. Friday Night is for merriment. Let us set aside such debate for tomarrow. For tonight... we drink.

Well.. Bill and I do. I suspect Res and UO are as well. And I sincerely hope Holli is to.

And what do we drink?

For me its Knob Creek. Its tough to complain about KC. I'm obviously not fond of the name... but the bourbon is top notch in every way. I am willing to overlook poor marketing.

I regret that I am not currently smoking anything... though there is some black cordial calling my name. Pipes are the best friends... the best.

And the firearms?

You'll be shocked to learn that I carried a Glock 36 all day today. I feel so dirty. Seriously. I wouldn't have felt more girly if I were wearing a pair of frilly pink panties. At least it was a .45... I'll beg your forgiveness... as I was caught without and a potentially dangerous run had to be made for charitible reasons (the trouble with giving is that poor so rarely seem to live in safe neighborhoods).. so I found a shoulder rig and borrowed my wife's weapon.

Any way.. a Glock is better than having nothing at all... I still felt dirty though.

Ok. enough...

Whatcha drinking? Smoking? Carryin'?

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