Monday, January 08, 2007


"My big fast guys can always beat your big slow guys." - Bear Bryant

What did we learn tonight? We learned the same lesson we learned in 1992. Never... Never... Never disrespect the SEC champion.

I've thought all week that this Ohio State team felt a lot like the 1992 Miami team... the one that was destroyed by Alabama... shocking all the talking heads. Its amazing how after the games they all stand around and say things like, "How did we not see this coming?"

Lets look at the facts.

1- Ohio State didn't play a good offense all year long.

2- Ohio State didn't play a good defense all year long.

3- Ohio State has a bunch of big slow players.

4- Florida has a bunch of players who're just as big, if not bigger.. but they are also fast.

5- as always... speed kills.

And how about this... Ohio state is 0-8 against SEC teams in bowl games.

Let me repeat that.

Ohio State has NEVER beaten an SEC team in a bowl. Coincidence? No. I think not. South Carolina even dominated them twice... in back to back bowl games. Its one thing to get smacked around by Bama or Tennessee... but to drop two bowl games in a row to South Carolina? Wow... there's a football powerhouse for ya.

Listen carefully. Ohio State was never the best team in the country this year. They probably were never even in the Top 4 or 5. USC... Florida... LSU... Auburn... hell... Boise State... Louisville... West Virginia... any of those teams would've spanked Ohio State tonight. I 'bout half think Wisconsin would've beaten them tonight.

So they beat Meeeechigan? So freakin' what? Vandy held Meeechigan to fewer points than the vaunted ohio state D... and Florida's offense couldn't do crap against Vandy's D.

What did we learn? Well... we should've learned nothing. We should've know (and some of us did) that if these two teams played 10 times... Florida would win 9 of them. Even Herbstreit admitted it. How would Ohio State beat this team?

They wouldn't. They couldn't. Ever.

So.... Take the heisman and run Troy Smith. Your career ends the same way so many hyped heisman winners ends... Like... Eddie George... Like Gino Toretta... ect ect ect...

It ends with you laying on your back... starring up at some defensive lineman from an SEC defense faster than anything you've seen in your life... wondering where you are... and what will make the pain stop.

So Big Ten Fan... here's to you... the team that dominated your league just got sodomized on National TV by an SEC team that didn't run the table, and might not have even been the best in the conference.

See ya next year.


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