Monday, January 22, 2007

Black Coaching Disparity

I don't know if you've heard... but both Super Bowl coaches this year are black!

Not suprising since blacks are over-represented in NFL coaching. At the begining of this season 6 of the 32 head coaching positions were filled by blacks. That's around 20%. Blacks make up 12% of the total population of the US... that's as of 2005. By comparison.. there is not a single hispanic head coach in the NFL... yet hispanics make up 14% of the US population.

See... in the rest of the world... everyone wants schools, or business, or government... or even social clubs... to resemble society as a whole.

So... if there are X% blacks... in society... there should be X% blacks in whatever position, job, or whatever is in question.

Interestingly enough that isn't at all the standard now being applied to NFL Coaches. The discussion before the AFC Championship game centered around the fact that the racial makeup of coaches is so different than that of the players.

No one seemed to mention that compared to society as a whole... which is the standard for everything else... blacks are over represented in the coaching profession.

What happens if you apply the standard applied to the NFL... IE, let the make up of the group determine the make up of the leadership... to the rest of societies organizations?

How many women would be in leadership positions anywhere?

Outside of sports... how many blacks would be in leadership positions anywhere?

The fact is good enough is never good enough. Equal isn't good enough either.

The bar keeps getting moved.

My position is that there should be no bar at all. Only performance matters. Only qualification matters. Judging by the nature of the Win-at-all-cost climate in the NFL... and the willingness to fire coaches regardless of race (Art Shell... Denny Green and believe me Kentucky's basketball program should take notes here... ) in this case blacks obviously can at least hold their own in a performance only environment of coaching... in fact they do much better than hold their own... of course they do have insentive in their favor.. but hiring incentives only go so far in the cut throat world of the NFL.

Why aren't you racists out there demanding more hispanic NFL coaches?

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