Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Games

Colts 41 Patriots 17

This isn't even gonna be close. The Patriots have been lucky as all hell to even be here. The Colts on the other hand are a machine. They've proven they can win shootouts. They've proven they can stop the run. And they've proven they can play smashmouth football on the best defense in the NFL.

Now... Ol' Bill is gonna try to run the ball. He's not gonna believe the Colts have really changed their ways... and he's gonna pay for it. The Colts d-line is going to pinch... crushing any hope of a gap... which will force the patriots to try to bounce outside... which plays right to the speed of the colts ends and linebackers.

I know I know... the "experts" say that the patriots can run the ball better than the Ravens. They say the Patriots backs are much better than Jamal Lewis.

So are those patriots backs better than Larry Johnson?

The answer of course is no.

The Patriots don't win games. They sit around and hope the other team beats itself.

The Colts aren't gonna do that.

Bears vs. Saints

I don't care... but I think the Saints will run the ball on the Bears. The Saints have the slowest secondary in the league. Its just ugly. But Chicago has a joke of a QB.

Flip a coin. This game is largely irrelevant... as who ever wins will get totally crushed in the Super Bowl.

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