Monday, January 01, 2007


This year I hearby and forthwith reslove to:

- Drink more, more often.

- Smoke my pipe more often.

- Shoot more.

- Ride more.

- Kick a liberal in the ass.

- Kick a social conservative in the ass.

- Kill at least 1 of God's creatures.. preferably a fuzzy cute one. Hopefully many more.

- Take my family fishin'.

- Finish building my 1911.

- Spend more time in prayer.

- Spend more time in the woods.

- Wear my Dead Che shirt to a liberal gathering.

- Avoid speeding tickets. (at least while I'm on more than two wheels)

- Make out with Spacebunny. (this one didn't work out last year... so I'll just re-hash until I succeed or die. I realize which is more likely... still... a man sets the bar high.)

- Give more.

- Horde gold.

- Horde ammo.

- Teach a woman to shoot.

- Convince at least 2 people to buy their first firearm.

- Help JAC get over his many girlish phobias.

- Convince Welldigger to buy a dirtbike.

- Flirt with DJ more.

And of course... last but by no means least... my ubiquitous resolution:

To expand the harem... by any means necessary.

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