Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Several months ago... perhaps even a year ago... I don't remember exactly... but I made the comment that I was working on something, and if I failed, you'd never hear about it again.

It was something that all gun guys know you just can't do... but something that Hollywood loves.

I'm talking about the myth of the two-gun-shooter.

Oh sure... trick shooters exist. But people like us don't have the time to dedicate to learning.


I've been working on this for a long time now... and finally I can report that I am servicable with two weapons. By that, I mean at tactical distance... I am tactically accurate. Specificly... two sillohettes side by side... 5 yards in front of me.

I cross draw... a berretta 92F in my left hand... my pt-101 in my right... I draw and fire both single-action. I hit center mass on both targets... every time.

The drill I am working on now... is similar to your standard 2-1 drill... except its done with 2 guns.

So nuts and bolts... what have I learned?

Trigger pull is far more important with two weapons than one. The triggers have to be nearly identical. If one weapon fires a fraction of a second before the other... you end up with a wildly inaccurate shot. I chose the 92f and the 101 because they were the two most similar weapons I had available. I suspect when my two 1911's are done I'll be much better at this game.

Also.... technique is important. I never alternate firing them like you see in movies. An ex-special forces friend of mine told me about shooting two together.... you basically let your sub-conscience triangulate the flight path of each bullet... your arms hands and weapons become extensions of your individual eyes... and the focus point of your eyes becomes the aim point of both weapons. I've had this produce 2 shots in the same hole. I've also had it produce a completely unscathed target.. but that was only at the begining.

Shooting is so much about muscle memory and the subconscience. Get your mind out of its own way and you'll be amazed at how well you can shoot.

I'm not good with two yet. I won't be good until I can run IDPA drills... not that it would be legal... and I'm a long way from that. But someday... maybe.

So... any of you trying to learn the impossible?

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