Monday, January 29, 2007

Keep Your Sick Kid Home

Listen... I understand that its inconvenient. I understand that its a pain in the butt. But I don't care. You shouldn't be getting me and my kids sick for your own convenience.

Perhaps I should explain...

We had to take our boys to the denist this morning. Standard checkups. As is our way, we got the earliest possible appointment, hoping to among the first in and out... thus avoiding as much of this type of issue as possible. Sadly... when we arrived we found the office lobby full of kids... which of course is fine... we love kids...

Well... it was fine... until we realized that one of the kids had pink eye.


One of the most contageous infections* you're likely to run into!

And there he is... running around... playing with all the toys with his infected little fingers...

So... we snatched up our boys... told the receptionist that there was a weapon biological warfare loose in her lobby, and headed for the truck. A couple minutes later the bloated sow that responsible was seen taking her children out to her truck. Obviously they'd kicked her out... and of course she made sure she shot some nasty looks our way.

Of course... we're bad people... We don't want our kids infected. We should be more open and accepting of the outrageously contageous. Of course... considering that the county school system is totally shutdown because of the flu, maybe parents should you know... Keep sick kids at home.

*Pink Eye is a bacterial infection of the eyes. It makes the eyes itch.. so of course... the kid rubs his eyes... spreading the infection to his hands... then he touches something... anything.. a toy... then your kid plays with the toy... which infects his hand... then he rubs his eye... and POOF! You're off to the doctor.

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