Thursday, January 25, 2007

GreenPeace... Exxon's Best Friend

Ok... I've asked the question... Now lets answer it.

I suppose first though I have to state the claim that I'm going to abuse in more scientific terms than "The Dinosaurs Did It".... so here goes... If you know anything about thermodynamics, chemistry, or physics look away... the next sentence is going to make you ill...

The Fossil Fuel theory states that highly oxidized biogenic molecules of low free enthalpy will spontenously evolve into highly reduced hydrocarbon molecules of high free enthalpy.

No serious scientist should get past that sentence. They should read it and laugh. One may as well postulate a theory of how Santa delivers toys. Its ludicrous. Thermodynamic testing has proven that this is inegregious violation of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Now remember... that's the 2nd Law. Not the second theory. We reserve the word Law for things like Gravity... Things that are so obvious that ignoring them is justification for admittance to the Happy Ward where the nice men in their clean white coats can take care of you.

How about a history lesson?

In 1946, Uncle Joe... that's Stalin to you folks who didn't vote Democrat... looked around and realized that the world ran on oil. Unfortunately Ike didn't have the same forsight... Neither did any of his successors. While Kennedy was busy sending us to the Moon to collect useless space rocks.. Joe was pretending to give a damn about Space while he poured millions into Oil Research.

What did the USSR's 50 years of research conclude? It concluded that Oil was Abiotic.

Russia has used this research to become one of the largest oil producing countries in the world. You think they sit around and worry about it running out?

Hell no they don't. They've got decades of peer-reviewed published science that proves that oil is not a fossil fuel... and not only that... its continually renewed. They have documented oil fields that refill. They have documented oil fields that grow faster than they can pump oil out of them.

But we don't know any of this.


Because we're just as in the dark as the soviet citizens of the Cold War were.

Big Oil wants its product to be rare. How much money could they make if the world found out that their product was practically as common as drinking water?

And its not just them... How do you think the Greenies are going to feel when they realize they are being played? That they are actually Big Oil's best friend? Oh sure... we're running out! The scareder people get.... the more the price of oil goes up. What could be better? And we don't have to worry about it running out... because of two simple reasons...

1) Big Oil isn't stupid. They know when real pressure for alternatives shows up, they'll just "find" a bunch more oil and drop the price for a decade or so.

2) Science has proven time and time again that there isn't just lots of oil... its actually a renewable resource.

So Mr Greenie... keep your fear tactics up. BP loves you for it.

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