Monday, January 29, 2007

Barbaro Down

This is just infuriating. It didn't have to happen this way. JAC has written a lot on this over at ThreeWay and I'm sure we'll hear more soon... but for now... I just want to curse the name of those responsible for this whole disaster.

There is something else going on here... there were treatment options available that were not explored... or at least it appears that way... and it wreaks of pride. Someone saw things his way and his way was the only way... and I'll wager a damned fine horse died because of it.

And of course... as always... there is the business aspect... you end up with business men making decisions that should be made by horse men... so because a spreadsheet that some puckfaced accounted came up with said that the insurance money was more than the breeding potential... well... shit... you know the rest.

Breed 'em to look like birds... race 'em to young... then kill 'em and cash the insurance check when they break the tiny bones you bred them to have in the first place.

Yeah... that's a great plan.

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