Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Beautiful Holli Asks...

Wow! you've really made me think about this Pledge issue, Nate. I never even thought about it being blasphemous before. You'd probably run screaming from my church on "God and Country Day" a.k.a. the Sunday before Memorial Day. There are flags adorning the sactuary and the JNROTC from the local state-run indoctrination day-camp (high school) is there to bring in the colors. We sing the national anthem and all patriotic music in the service.

I don't know that I find the pledge blasphemous, though clearly difficulty arises when one tries to explain the difference in pledging allegence to a flag vs. praying to God to a 4-year-old. What is sickening is its recitation in church. What you describe during a sunday service would not result in my running or screaming. It would result however in my making quite a scene. That is blamphemous. Its revolting. Its evil.

I admit in the past I've felt strange about having a "rah-rah America" service on what is supposed to be the Lord's Day. DO you and your family celebrate or acknowledge the 4th of July? Is it just the use of the pledge in church or church-school that's got you upset? I truly want to know. This whole idea is foreign to me. Thanks.

We do celebrate the 4th. Though we never talk about why we're celebrating. The day is spent with firearms and explosives. The celebration of the 4th is the celebration of the People defeating the Government. It is not a celebration of the United States. After all... what's there to celebrate?

The Church opens itself up to coruption and sin on an unparalled level when it embraces politics. It takes the step to becoming like the liberals... to replace political affiliation with actual work.

"Why should I give to the poor? I vote for congressmen who take care of that stuff."

That's how the liberal mind works. They don't need to help... that's the government's job. When the Church embraces politics it simultenously corrupts its own ideals... and expands the power of government.

Evil and Evil again.

Specificly though... my problem with the pledge is the indoctrination... the psychological damage that it does. To this day I still feel the itch... to stand in a group and praise the flag... its like an amputee that still feels his long missing leg. I know its not real. I know its wrong. But there it is. And that speaks to the power of the indoctrination.

That won't happen to my boys. Damned sure not at Church.

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