Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Myth of Fossil Fuels

Christmas presents come from Santa. Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny. Oil comes from Dinosaurs.

As prevelant as the myth of man made global warming is, it pales before the might of this one. Oil comes from dead dinosaurs. Everyone knows it. It may as well be 2+2=4.

Everyone knows it because on their 8th grade biology test they chose A) From decaying dinosaur matter, and got it right. The test said it was right, therefore it is. Likely they never put any more thought into it than that.

But I would challenge you to think just for a moment... about the absurdity of the claim. We know there were just as many dinosaurs in America as there were in the middle east... So why is there more oil there?

And what is it about dinosaurs that made them turn to oil... while everything else doesn't? Or does everything turn into oil over time? And if everything turns to oil over time.. then more oil is created every second of every day all over the world. And what exactly explains the abundance of oil in the deep blue?

Seriously? This is the best explaination science can come up with?

We put a man on the moon decades ago and the best we can do to explain oil is.... ummmm.... The Dinosaurs did it!?

And... IF we know where this stuff comes from... and we have known where it comes from since our grandfathers where in the 8th grade... Why is it that we can't yet make an economicly viable substitute for it?

We can produce gemstones in a lab... but not oil?

Well of course we can't... its not like we have dead dinosaurs laying around now do we?

Hey.... A few more questions... Does Gold come from dinosaurs? How about copper? Phosphates... I'll bet phosphates come from dinosaurs right?

Well... I mean come on... surely something else comes from decaying dinosaurs....

Oh I know... What about that 5 bucks under my pillow when I lost my first tooth?

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