Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I'm sorry y'all... I just can't bring myself to think this is a big deal.

Do you know how many people die of Malaria each year? 45,000? Hell.... Malaria takes that in the Congo alone! Malaria is totally controlable with DDT. Oh, but the UN says we have a population problem. So it's better to just let those folk die.

So see... Black folks dieing of malaria... oh that's fine... but some rich euro-trash tourists!? Heavens no! We can't have that.

Come on people... You think anyone on CNN would give a rats butt if it wasn't for the rich white folks that got tossed around like barbie in the washing machine? Hell no they wouldn't.

Worse yet... now I have to listen to the liberals cry about how we need to DO something. Liberals always want to do something... it never occurs to them that by doing something, you could possibly be doing the wrong thing, and therefore make matters infinitly worse. Which by the way, coincidentally happens to be the liberal specialty. See the Great Depression for details...

Ah yes... So now it's Global Warming that's to blame for Earthquakes... or... no wait... here's another nutcase theory: When we remove oil and gas from the Earth's crust, it becomes unstable, and more likely to become volatile. Go on... try to read that last sentence again allowed without laughing. Seriously. I'll bet ya can't.

Note to Lefty-Morons: There were earthquakes before the industrial age. In fact, there were fewer post 1900, than there were between 1700-1800.

Ah yes... and to you islanders... quite sorry about the wave thing. That does suck. However, compared to previous disasters... you got off pretty easy. Try looking up the island of Krakatoa on a map sometime... but don't look real hard... it ain't there. I mean.. it used to be... it just ain't now. Dig?

This is about scale and scope here folks. Considering the number of preventable deaths due to Malaria alone, it's hard to believe that anyone is actually worked up over 45,000 people. In fact, I firmly believe that were it not for the Euro-trash elite that were thankfully involved, no one would give a rat's butt.

There. I have officially raised the bar for all cynics everywhere. You're welcome.

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