Thursday, December 09, 2004


I fear I am once again suffering from moral exhaustion. Over at Vox's, there is this little twit ranting about secession being illegal... and making the most ridiculous points you can think of. It's quite simple... and it's all arguements I've slapped around before several times over there... but for some reason... I'm just not up to it today. I've been half heartedly posting over there.. just because it's expected... but in the end I really don't care.

The guy is claiming that the states didn't specificly withold the right to secede, therefore they don't have it. This is ludicrous on its face, and as far as I'm conserned we shouldn't even be debating it... I can't even get excited enough to really smack him down.

It could just be that I think the guy's a prick... or it could be that I am well aware that whatever points I make, will be ignored. Whenever I point something out, he responds by saying something stupid like, "There is a reason knowledgable people ignore those points".

Yes yes.. and I'm sure it's the same reason "knowledgable people" were running around in 1929 telling everyone that the US stock market had reached a perpetual all-time high.

This nation was founded on the belief that God granted us the right of self-determination.

If the South couldn't secede, then we had no right to secede from England, and legally, we're still under binding contract with the Queen.

Anyone foolish enough to subscribe to such a belief is not worth my time.

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