Thursday, December 09, 2004


I can understand why someone would shoot John Lennon. He was, after all, a Red Commie sympathizer who's "songs" were as responsible as anything for the communist counter-culture which was cultivated here by the KGB.

I'm suprised the CIA didn't do it themselves.

But why would anyone shoot Dimebag? He's just a laid-back beer drinking guitarist! He's one of the few guys who could say at one time or another they'd jammed with David Alan Coe, and Motorhead! I can't say that I listened to Pantera a lot. I know them. I am familiar with what they did, and I understand why it was seen as groundbreaking at the time. I wouldn't say that I'm a fan though. For whatever reason... it didn't click for me...

But I know what kind of guys these were. They were rednecks. You'd see as many Battle Flags at a Pantera concert as you would one by Hank Jr. That alone tells me he's someone to be missed.

Dimebag is no hero. He's no legend. Hell... he wasn't even that good of a guitarist... but his death is beyond explaination... at least for now...

I've poured whiskey on the grave of Hank Williams.

I'll not do that for this man... but I'll toss back a shot or two... just the same.

I don't know what brand o' whiskey he perfered... but given the circumstances... I figure I'll go with Maker's Mark.

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