Friday, December 10, 2004

It's that time...

Well y'all its Friday afternoon here out east... That means its time to pour the booze, prop your feet up, and tell a few stories. Rumor has it that things have really picked up over at Jim Beam, and this year's batch of Jim Beam Black is outstanding. Somebody give it a try and let me know. I'm thinkin' it's just about time someone else took one for the team.

So what'll it be then? Bookers? Bakers? Knob Creek? Rare Breed? Maybe even... some single barrel Jack Daniels?

Probably some of each!

Now as I recall a topic was suggested by our beloved RJK that was custom made for a Friday like this... Let's see if I recall.... Hrmm... It was something like...

"Nate do you have any stories about other women?"

And of course I do. Now don't get to excited. Dear Rebekah was actually askin' if I knew of any straight girls, who'd experimented with other women. Well... ok... maybe you should get that excited.

I wouldn't go so far as to call it common in college, but it certainly happened quite a bit. I know lots of chicks who did that sort of thing, and went on to settle down and get married. Well... at least they appear to have settled down. I reckon it's hard to say really.

This sorta thing always seemed to happen the same way. A couple girls would be hanging out with their boyfriends... and at some point during the course of the evening alchohol is poured.

Now what is a little known fact is that booze is an honest to God aphrodesiac... at least for women. In a study, two groups were formed... 50 men, and 50 women... the sexes were in seperate rooms. They were then given booze.

The men had fun, but showed no sounds of arousal.

Total opposite for the women. For the most part, they came out of that room drunk and horny.

After more tests what the study concluded was, women get horny from drinking alone. While men get horny from being around women who are horny.

Now back to our get together. So everyone's been drinkin' a little, and the girls have a slight buzz. This is where it get's fun so pay attention boys. Through some means or another the chicks end up flirting with each other. This normally starts of completely innocently, and if you blink, you may miss it. Often its something as little as the standard female, "You look good tonight!"

Ah but here things take the turn. The guys say something like, "Oh does she!?"

Chicks love a reaction. Over the course of the evening, the chicks do more and more to get that same "HOLY CRAP!" reaction from the guys. While they don't end up doing much more than kissing usually in this surrounding... the door has certainly been opened.

Everything else developes from there. Threesomes. Foursomes. Old Testemant Orgies. Steamy dorm showers with candles, wine, and a few friends.

Well... like I said... they appear to have calmed down.

*** UPDATE *** I decided to go with Woodford Reserve. Envy me.

*** Friday Commenting Protocol ***
New rule. Before posting a comment, you must state clearly what your drinking now, or what you intend to drink later, or... God Forbid, why you will not be drinking at all.

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